Forest gardening is for the birds
Emergence: a photo essay of a black walnut grove

January 2023

Emergence: a photo essay of a black walnut grove.

December 2022

'Use and value diversity' (Permaculture principle 10)

September 2022

Some science to back up what I am seeing with my own two eyes
Observe and interact with Nature.

August 2022

Establishing food growing zones and regenerating soil on your homestead, farm, and in your backyard!

July 2022

I started writing this three-part series with the intention of exploring the benefits as well as identifying some of the pit-falls of hugelkultur…
It was during my second gardening season at the cabin in Lake St. Peter, Ontario when I gained a first-hand understanding that hugelkultur gardens…

June 2022

For over a decade I have been making hugelkultur gardens. I started accident — by making gardens out of the piles of composting weeds and woody debris…
Welcome to my first newsletter! With the gardening season in full swing here in Unama’ki (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia), most often the days don’t seem near…
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